Benefits of Using Industrial Cold Rooms

You must have noticed that large industrial establishments require to store huge stocks of food or perishable materials using cold rooms made by leading manufacturers. Reputable manufacturers construct such storage rooms using varied insulation materials that meet the temperature requirements and fire resistance regulations.

There are various benefits of using such acold room. That is why multiple industries associated with food storage and distribution, food processing, big retail stores, and pharmaceutical organizations use such. Let us know those benefits related to the use of cold rooms made by reputable manufacturing companies in South Africa.

Best utilization of space 

Using such a storage room makes it possible to save enough space. If an organization has the requirement to store food or perishable items, there will be a requirement for many cold storage spaces. However, if they use a cold room made by reliable manufacturers, one such unit will be sufficient to meet their storage needs. They will have enough space to store all their perishable items and have effective space management inside the storage room.


The efficiency of cold rooms made by reputable manufacturers in South Africa is much more than individual refrigerators or freezers. Therefore, you can expect to have the best storage and expect to have the best usage of energy. Furthermore, as these rooms are made according to the best industrial standards, energy consumption will be less than refrigerators and freezers.


All cold rooms made by reliable manufacturers have an automatic control system and are easy to access. Therefore, it is safer to use such rooms for storage than smaller chillers. In addition, there will be fewer chillers running and integrated into your building's electrical connections; there will be less chance of fire or electrical accidents. 

You can also expect to have better employee health. For example, your employees can walk straight inside a cold room and have to stoop to retrieve items stored inside. So your employees will not suffer from back pain. 

Maintenance of perfect temperature 

It is possible to maintain the interior temperature of cold rooms between +2 degrees to +10-degree temperature. This temperature range is ideal for storing perishable items as bacteria and viruses cannot thrive in this temperature. 

If you desire to have cold rooms made by reputable manufacturers in South Africa, look no further than Aboard Refrigeration. They have years of experience in offering quality made storage rooms enabling to store perishable items at the required temperature. You are only required to provide them with a flat concrete floor and a canopy that can cover the unit to install the best cold storage room. It is also possible to construct the room using DIY methods; however, it is wise to have the professional installation done by their engineers. Call them at +27 (0) 11 396 1379 to discuss your requirements and place your order. 


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