How to Clean and Maintain Cold Rooms

If you are attached with food, pharmaceuticals, or a young in South Africa starting a business in some sector where there is the requirement to store products safely and in a hygienic cold atmosphere, you must have cold rooms. Many fabricators of such storage units make it possible to have such at an affordable rate. They manufacture not only such storage units but also offer valuable advice on how to clean and maintain such cold storage units.

Below are some tips they shared on how to clean and maintain a cold room.

Why it is necessary to clean cold storage units 

Hygiene is of utmost importance when it requires the storage of food or medicine. The detailed organization, upkeep and cleaning of your cold room is a highly effective way to ensure that your products stay safe to eat or administer. 

The best cold room cleaning procedure

The best cleaning process for such cold storage rooms is to keep the floor and surfaces clean and clear all the time. You can do so by using a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust deposit on the floor and mop the surfaces with a cloth soaked in a warm detergent solution. It is also wise to make sure that you clean any spillage and remove any spoiled product. By doing such, you can avoid the development of bacteria. After cleaning, you need to make sure that the cold rooms are dry. If there is excess water, the floor can be slippery, which can be hazardous. Moreover, there may be a build-up of ice inside the room.

What should be the frequency of cleaning 

There are diverse levels of urgency to make sure your cold room has the safest environment possible. There are some tasks in the maintenance schedule which you should carry out daily, while some cleaning chores can have a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly completion.

The daily cleaning to do

  • It would be best if you cleaned spillages as you noticed it
  • Check whether the temperature of the cold room is ideal for your products
  • Check if there is ice build-up in the evaporator 
  • Check oil leakage in the compressors 
  • Check the level of Freon 

Weekly cleaning to adhere to

  • You need to clean the door seals and check if there are any cracks or general wear and tear
  • You need to clean all surfaces and floors with proper cleaning products systematically
  • Every week you need to organize the products stored in the cold rooms 

Monthly maintenance to perform

  • Properly calibrate the temperature of the cold room
  • Clean the evaporator and fins
  • Clean the casing of the evaporator and the blowing fans
  • Check the functionality of the control valves 
  • Check the proper working of the reverse blowing 
  • Check the defrosting function 
  • To observe any malfunctioning perform a system functional test 

If you follow these maintenance tips and have purchased cold rooms from Africhill, you can sure store your products in proper condition for a long. They have the expertise to fabricate the cold storage unit according to your requirements. Call them at +27 (0) 11 979 1885 to discuss your cold storage requirements. 


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