Frequently Asked Questions About Structural Insulated Panels

New to Structural Insulated Panels? Want to know more about this innovative construction technique? Different queries about the insulated panels are haunting you? Then you must scroll down to read the post!

While Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) offer a stronger structure, increased energy efficiency, and faster installation, it includes several components that are the same as that of traditional construction. Hence, insulated panels are considered the future of framing!

However, just like you, many people have questions about insulated panels. Following are some of the most frequently asked questions about insulated panels. Have a look:

What are insulated panels?

Insulated panels or SIPs are a building system of the highest standards that is suitable for almost any type of construction. Also referred to as "sandwich panels" insulated panels contain an insulating structural foam core that is bonded between two structural skins. Insulated panels are manufactured under factory-controlled conditions. Also, these can be fabricated to fit almost any building design. The output is a cost-effective structure that is energy efficient and much stronger than those traditional building structures.

What is the cost of SIPs as compared to the traditional frame construction?

As compared to traditional frame construction, SIPs are highly cost-effective. The reason is the elimination of material cost, labor expense, and job site waste. Moreover, there is the benefit of lifetime energy savings! Isn't that a profitable deal!

How an insulated panel roof is ventilated?

Usually ventilated roofs aren't that necessary in most climates. As insulated panels are insulated, conductive loss of heat gets avoided which further negates the problems that are usually associated with a non-vented roof. If you anyhow want to ventilate your roof, 2x strips can be attached to the top of the roof, and then covered with an outer shield to form a vented layer over the insulated panels.

How is wiring installed in a SIP structure?

It is done with the help of factory-installed electrical chases that are marked on the interior shield of the panels for easy identification. Often insulated roof panels get pre-wired in the factory as per your specifications. Simply drilling is carried out to access holes through the sill and drilling of top plates is done for access to the electrical chases.

What type of HVAC system is needed with a SIP structure?

A high-performance insulated panel building enclosed space often permits for smaller HVAC equipment to be specified. Proper HVAC sizing is crucial for SIP homes as an oversized HVAC system will fail to reach the steady operating rate of the equipment leading to an inefficient HVAC system making it uncomfortable for the occupants to reside.

These are some of the most frequently asked questions about insulated panels. Hope this helps you as well!


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